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Employment Opportunities at Think Green Landscaping

We provide all aspects of landscape maintenance and renovation to the greater Vancouver area, with industry trained and certified staff.

Looking to join a great team of qualified professionals? Think Green may be the perfect place for you. Please send us your resume. We will keep it on file and review it as job opportunities come up.

Below are/is the position(s) we are looking to fill at the moment.



We provide all aspects of residential, commercial and industrialĀ  lawn and garden maintenance as well as renovations and clean ups. This work mainly involves the following on a regular basis

  • mowing and edging or power-edging lawns (walking, lifting)
  • weeding and tilling garden beds (kneeling, bending)
  • pruning, planting and sometimes relocating plants (kneeling, bending, walking, lifting)
  • raking, tidying and blowing (walking, lifting)

Other duties sometimes require operating other power equipment such as power shears, chainsaw, pressure washer, power whips, power rakes, and aerators. All of which would be required only once you are fully trained to use the equipment.
Use of hand tools (rakes, shovels, clippers, secateurs, pickers etc.), manual tools (spreaders, rollers) and walking, kneeling, bending, lifting and repetitive movement are also involved in this position.
We work in all weather conditions, all year round and every day we start and finish at the shop in Vancouver. We provide all transport between the shop and client properties.



Thank you for your interest in Think Green Landscaping.

Think Green Landscaping

4896 Rowan Ave,
Burnaby BC
V5G 3T1

Office: 604-321-9494


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